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We all know how great it feels to walk out of a Salon and feel great about how you look.  

"Let your hair down honey, you're home."


Megan Viton

With 20 years of experience, Megan fully enjoys all hair types. From perfecting blondes to enhancing rich brunettes, gray hair coverage for the ones who are resistant and/or the ones who just want gray blending, the au natural ones, the sun kissed looks and polished bobs, long layers and structured haircuts, keratin treatments to give that fountain of youth look and barbered haircuts and fades, the pure joy she gets from creating a look that the client adores is what she strives for the most. She truly loves it all! 

Her career began at the age of 16. Following a service she received at a salon, she felt the blonde just wasn't quite right. That was when she thought, 'I'm learning this myself and perfecting blonde hair.' She graduated high school and beauty school just a short time after that experience. She then moved to Chicago and that was when her career took off. From assisting stylists to being an educator, Megan learned her true passion was making people feel great about the way they look. After almost a decade in Chicago, she moved to Boulder and became an independent stylist. 

Megan's key to a happy client is communication. She has a way with understanding what you want when you have a hard time putting it into words. She believes the client/stylist relationship is personal and trustworthy. To have a professional understand what works for you, your lifestyle, your budget and time creates the best foundation for great hair. 

When you're in Megan's chair, her true passions intersect; great hair along with a unique, comfortable experience. 

Thank you for learning a little about her!


The most convenient way to get in touch with Megan is to text her directly.

2299 Pearl St
Boulder, CO


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